06. Parental or Spousal Income


In addition to your own income, the income of your parents or, if you are married, also the income of your spouse or, if you live in a registered civil partnership, also the income of your partner will be taken into account.

The income from the penultimate calendar year before the start of the grant period (BWZ) is decisive.

Example: For an application for the winter semester 2022/23, the income in the calendar year 2020 is relevant. (The beginning of the BWZ is always decisive for determining the income year relevant for the decision).

The law provides for fixed allowances for the parents themselves as well as for any other dependent children in order to calculate the chargeable income. The more of your siblings are still in education, the less your parents are obliged to finance your studies. Your entitlement to educational grants would therefore increase. But even if you are the only child studying, it is worth checking whether you are entitled to BAföG.

If your parents earn more than the tax-free allowance, this will be taken into account when calculating your need for financial support, and you will not receive the maximum rate. You can find the calculation in the notification. You may then be able to apply for an update or advance payment (Unterhaltsvorschuss).