Foodtruck 1
Photo: Thorsten Lutz / stW BERLIN

Foodtruck 1

From 11 AM to 2.30 PM at residence hall Halbauer Weg.

To find out which meals he carries this week check out the  >>> online menu...

You can also load your MensaCard at the foodtruck.
You also have the possibility to pay with EC-card, credit card or Google Pay, but the guest price will be charged.

Just take a look!


07 May 2021


11:00 AM to 02:30 PM


  • Foodtruck-Termine
  • Mensa auf Achse
  • Mensen


Wohnheim Halbauer Weg
Stellplatz: Haus 19, bei der Haustechnik, Halbauer Weg 19, 21
12249 Berlin