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Assessment Centers for International Students

What to expect and how to prepare

In this short, active workshop, you will learn about (German) assessment centers.
We’ll explore what to expect, what types of exercises and tests candidates might encounter, and how to prepare for the assessment centers in Germany.
Together, we’ll go over how to best present your skills, strengths, and experiences in the context of typical assessment center activities, take a look at what to do in challenging situations, and build a toolkit for assessment center success.



  • Which fields or types of organizations use assessment centers in their selection process? 
  • Why are they used, and what are potential employers trying to test or learn?
  • What might a typical assessment center in Germany look like? 


  • How to prepare effectively
  • How to demonstrate my strengths and skills in role-plays, case studies, and group discussions


  • How to deal with stress and helpful strategies when you start feeling nervous
  • What role do my language skills play and how to deal with potential challenges (e.g., language-based misunderstandings)

Language: English

The workshop will be conducted digitally with Cisco WebEx. Shortly before the date you will receive an e-mail with the access data.

The registration period starts 3 weeks before the workshop date. To register, please fill out the online registration form below.


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31 January 2023



10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


  • Beratung
  • eintägig
  • Englisch
  • Fit für den Studi-Job
  • Internationales
  • Karriere
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