A guide through our menu icons

The different icons help you orienting when it comes to the menu in our canteens. You can also receive the daily menu by downloading our app.

Every major canteen offers one or two vegetarian meals a day, as well as many vegetarian side dishes and a climate meal made from purely vegan ingredients. You can identify vegetarian dishes in the canteens by their ‘vegetarian plant’ labels and vegan dishes by the ‘golden ear of wheat’.


Our climate-friendly vegan food

Our climate-friendly vegan food is indicated on the menu with a small tree. Vegan food causes far fewer greenhouse gases than animal products.

Compared to conventional ground pork or beef, the greenhouse gases caused by a conventional vegan alternative made from soy produced in Europe are around 90 % lower, according to the Vegetarian Association of Germany. Likewise, for the production of one kilogram of soy-based meat substitute, a mere eighth of the land area is required in comparison to that needed for a comparable amount of beef.

Our climate-friendly meals never use products which lead to a high ecological footprint during cultivation and production. For instance, we do not use rice, pre-cooked mashed potato, french fries or pre-cooked products such as broccoli corners or sesame slices. Furthermore, no frozen products, dry products or preserves are used. Grain products such as spelt, buckwheat, bulgur, millet and amaranth and other protein-containing foods such as nuts, vegetables and vegetable oils are essential components of the climate-friendly meals.

Between their introduction in April 2011 and September 2016, 2.3 million climate-friendly meals were sold, with ever greater frequency.

There are also various dishes with fish or meat in the canteens. When choosing food we pay attention to seasonality and regionality.

In our coffee bars we offer coffee and specialty coffees certified with the Fair Trade seal.

If you have any further question concerning our icons or menu, any ideas or feedback, please let us know: mensen@stw.berlin

Icon for sustainable agriculture

Products used for dishes with this label are made exclusively of ecologically friendly components. Used meat originates from regional suppliers. The animal husbandry complies with the animal protection law and is species-appropriate. That means, the number of animals is aligned with the size of the farm and the minimum indoor as well as adequate outdoor space is adhered to. Genetically modified feed is prohibited, the feed must originate from sustainable produce. Furthermore, growth accelerators, drugs to boost performances and antibiotics are prohibited as well.

For plant products genetic engineering, chemical-synthetic pesticide and easily soluble mineral fertilizers shall not be used. Only eggs as well as dairy products from sustainable agriculture are used and processed.



Icon for sustainable fishing

Meals which are labelled with this icon contain fish which originates from fish stocks that are in a good condition. As a solution, overfishing is avoided. We also want to help preserving the seas and sustaining the ecosystems. Furthermore, the used fishing gear and its effects on the habitat must be acceptable and must avoid long-term damages. In combination with the prevention of unintended bycatch the impact on the fishing areas shall be kept as small as possible.

Our fish suppliers must adhere to all current laws and the changing ecological conditions. In addition, we forego the use of tuna, shark, eel, whiting and hake.