Food waste

We take utmost care to minimize food leftover waste in our canteens. To ensure this, we prepare most of our food "just in time".

The studierendenWERK BERLIN ceased to use its own central warehouses many years ago and switched to direct delivery. Effectively, this means that every facility can place orders at short notice and several times a week. There is no large stock, and therefore no risk of food spoilage due to overstorage.

The cooling technology in our facilities is state-of-the-art. Our large cold storage spaces involve an alarm system, which ensures the immediate reaction of the canteen manager, e.g., when an emergency repair is necessary, or when it is required to move the goods to other available cooling storage areas, as in the case of a cold store failure.

Most of our food is produced just in time. It is produced again and again depending on sale.

With regard to dishes that require greater preparation, such as stews or goulash, quantities are planned in advance so as to be sold out on the day of production. As the guest flow in the canteens is relatively constant, canteen managers can estimate the quantities based on their own experience and on the composition of the menu. Individual portion sizes for meat or casseroles are calculated according to demand. Our self-service policy means that guests select their amount of food according to their individual needs. No significant food residues remain on the plates.

Cooked food that is still in the kitchen area and not sold out, is sold as additional food the following day or is further processed.

A high degree of freshness, variety in the menu offerings, food quality, appearance, and taste all play a major role in ensuring food consumption.

The studierendenWERK BERLIN is under legal obligation to professionally dispose food leftovers that are still there after 2.30 PM. The negligible residual amount is collected and fed to a biogas plant that generates electricity.