Enjoy Mensa food outside opening hours? That is possible.

Vending machine supply in our facilities

Lunch in our facilities ends regularly at 2:30 pm. If you still want to enjoy hot food after that, you can order meals at our Mensa Spätis.

The order page, with our current locations, can be reached via the following link:

Neon sign with the word

And this is how it works ...

Bild zeigt Bestelloberfläche. Diese zeigt an, welche Speisen und wie viel davon ein Späti-Automaten enthält. Über einen Button kann man beliebig viele Mahlzeiten bestellen.

Step 1: Choose food

You can select your Späti via the location selection.

The portal shows what food is in the vending machine and how much of it has not yet been purchased.

Select which food and how many portions you would like to buy.

Bild zeigt Anmeldeoberfläche, in die man Vornamen, Namen und Emailadresse eingeben muss

Create order profile

To be able to order, you need to create an account. For this we need your first and last name as well as your email address. Once you have registered, an activation link will be sent to the address you entered. If you do not receive the link, please check your spam folder.



By default, all profiles are first set to the category "guest", which means that you first have to pay price category 3 for the dish. In order to change your user profile to "student" status, you must first report to one of our cash desks during opening hours. When you show your student ID to the staff on site, they will change your online profile to "student" status.

Once this has been done, you only need to pay the student price.

Bild zeigt Bestelloberfläche, bei der man einen Zeitpunkt auswählen kann

Step 3: Select pick-up time slot

Choose when you want to pick up the food. You can receive it immediately or at a later time of your choice (the maximum time period of possible collection is defined by the best-before date of the food).


Complete the order process

Once you have selected the pick-up period, you can complete the order process.
After you have completed the process, you have 15 minutes to pay for the food. If the food is not paid for within this time, the order will expire.

Payment interface with four online payment options.

Step 4: Pay

The meal must always be paid for directly at the time of ordering.
There are various options for this:

  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment via giropay /paydirect (an account must be created for this)
  • by instant bank transfer (procedure varies depending on the bank)


A refund in case of cancellation is not possible. If the food is not collected within the specified shelf life, the purchase is forfeited and a refund of the amount paid is not possible.

Picture shows the order confirmation with the QR code needed to pick up the food.

Step 5: Pick up the food via QR code

After a successful purchase, you will receive a QR code.

With this QR code, you can pick up the food at the Späti (hold the QR against the scanner).

If you also hold the QR code up to the scanner of the microwave tower on site, a microwave opens and heats the food for you.


The correct microwave time for each dish is automatically stored. However, if the food is not warm enough for you, you can hold the code against the scanner of the microwave again - reheating is then possible for a maximum of 2 minutes.


You can buy reusable cutlery from the vending machine or bring your own.