Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Sandra Neumann
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN
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Coffee bar FU Wirtschaftswissenschaften

The Coffee bar Wirtschaftswissenschaft (School of Business & Economics) at Garystrasse is a coffee bar with a wide range of offerings within the catchment area for Freie Universität Berlin.

Coffee bar Wirtschaftswissenschaften (School of Business & Economics) FU Berlin

This coffee bar at Freie Universität zu Berlin offers a plentiful selection of open-faced sandwiches, delicious pasta dishes and homemade casseroles, as well as fresh, homemade cakes and various coffee and tea specialties. The staff of studierendenWERK BERLIN are happy to accommodate your individual requests.

We look forward to your visit!
The team of the coffee bar Wirtschaftswissenschaften at FU Berlin

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