The Corona Depression Counter Program

Corona is stressful for everyone and for people at risk of depression in particular. That is why it is particularly important to take precautions now.

Video: D. Abukevicius & H. Gagam / STWB

Here on the site and on our YouTube channel we have posted many tutorials on the subject of well-being and videos with exercises for body and mind. You can also find helpful information and addresses here. If you want to meet other people, then come to our events, which are in our event calendar. You're not alone. It's the same for many. We are happy to be here for you and wish: Let there be light!

The videos and information were created as part of the 1st Digital Dark Weeks Festival for Corona and Winter Depression, which took place for the first time in November 2020. The festival is a project of the Büro Kultur & Internationales (BKI) and the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling Center of the studierendenWERK BERLIN.

Feel good - tipps & links 

Exercise, light and fresh air positively activate the body and the psyche and help prevent or alleviate moods. In winter, it is best to go out and jog or cycle at the brightest time of day. In summer, better avoid the midday heat! If you can't get up any further, you can at least walk a lap around your own block. Or try one of the following activities: 

  • Cycling:

The Berlin Wall Cycle Path is ideal for cycling - on the former strip of the Wall, you can cycle around the city through a variety of landscapes.

  • Hiking possibilities

Brandenburg is a hiking paradise, but there are also hiking opportunities in Berlin itself. This page offers 7 hiking tours in and around Berlin. The Wuhletal hiking trail is a hiking highlight around Berlin

  • Or just stay in the city and do something nice outside?

Then visit the Zoo Berlin in the west or the Tierpark Berlin in the east. There are also various great gardens with low entrance fees in Berlin, where there is often less public traffic than in parks - attention, at the moment usually online tickets with a time window must be booked in advance: In southwest Berlin: Botanical Garden, in the southeast of Berlin: Britzer Garten, in northeast Berlin: Gärten der Welt

Adresses & Links 

Here are some addresses which offer help if you are in a crisis:

  • The Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling (PBS) of the studierenWERK BERLIN helps in acute crises. Information and the possibility to make an appointment can be found here. Tips for the corona crisis can be found here. A compilation of further links to helpful organizations and self-help can also be found on the PBS page. 
  • In acute crises, the Berliner Krisendienst can be reached around the clock by calling +49(0)30 390 63 00.

The safe inner place

The safe inner place is a stabilization and resource exercise from trauma therapy, which can also be used in everyday life. The exercise is shown by Tiago from the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Consultation.  

Praise and grief of depression (in German with Subtitles)

In the statement of Mr. Jan Lindemeyer (Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling) good and bad sides of depression and melancholy are explained, e.g. to be allowed to give space to doubts, to calm down and to go into oneself versus the attack on oneself.

Juggling with Sebastiano

In this video student and juggler Sebastiano Moltrer explains how you learn to juggle everyday objects. This way you can get into a better mood by concentrating on just one thing - juggling! 

Breath-relaxation (Video in German with Subtitles)

The focus of the breath-relaxation exercise is on counting and simultaneous deep inhalation and exhalation. Mrs. Birgit Rominger from the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling shows the exercise. 

Office Work-out

The office workout is a good balance to the stressful (home) office everyday life. The exercises are shown by Jakob Urban from Büro Kultur & Internationales (BKI) and were designed by Chu-Won Sim from the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

Copyright music: No regrets (2015) - GEMA free music from 

Progressive muscle relaxation (in German)

Progressive muscle relaxation is an easy to learn and effective relaxation method. Anke Reinke from the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling of the STWB shows it in this short video. 

Bodyscan (Video in German)

The Bodyscan helps you to perceive your own body, supports relaxation and can help you to better deal with functional physical complaints. Mr. Kai-Uwe Ehlers from the Psychological-Psychotherapeutic Counseling introduces the exercise.  

Soul cooking

Food is important for the soul. But only when it tastes good. The MENSA shows us how to prepare a divine Kaiserschmarrn. Here is the recipe.

Depression and Literature

Our 2020 writer-in-residence, Dana Vowinckel, wrote texts about Berlin and her life here every month (Berlin Stories is our writer-in-residence program for student writers.) In the wintertime, she wrote many texts in which depression plays a role. Sometimes incredibly funny, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes sober. Read it! (most texts are in German)

Blogs on the topic

In the meantime, there are numerous bloggers who openly deal with the topic of depression, often in a constructive and funny way. An overview of various blogs can be found here.

Information on the 1st Digital Festival on Corona Depression (25. November - 16. December 2020) 

- The festival already took place  -

A lot is missing at the moment: sun, contacts, culture, exercise, singing... many things that are fun are simply not possible. Even gathering and retreating in the dark season is no longer fun. Because everyone does it. Because you have to. Because of Corona.

To do exactly the things that are fun and to do them together with others would do just as well and help to get through the winter and the partial lockdown in a happy and healthy way. How to remedy this?

With the Dark Weeks Festival you get a program that does you good now. In a secure digital space. For three weeks. Always something new. You can move, learn clever strategies, get informed, meet new people, cook, do handicrafts, write, sing, relax, experience performances... And you even have the chance to win great prizes!

Network with others! Together it's easier than alone. Exchange ideas, comfort each other, listen to each other. But also: Laugh and celebrate together. We provide the supporting program and the inputs. You define the togetherness and the exchange.

These are your Dark Weeks.