Every year, we organize the "Film it!" short film competition. In many of our other projects and events students film works are shown, such as part of installations in exhibitions or in theatre plays. In addition, we produce films and music videos, for example with our Choir Unität. For current events, courses and workshops in the film field, please see our Event Calendar.


<>Film it! #stayathome

In the project "Film it! - #stayathome" student film teams face the challenge of the current situation, how they experience it and how to cope with it.

We award three audience prizes:

  1. Preis: 500 €
  2. Preis: 300 €
  3. Preis: 200 €

The teams of all other films (non-winning films) will receive an allowance of 50€.

The audience has two weeks to choose their favourite from all the films submitted. The survey will be published with the video of the participants on Youtube and our other channels. 

The submitted films of 2020 are on our Youtube-Channel available!


<>Foto: stW BERLIN