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Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN
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Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak
Photo: Felix Noak / stW BERLIN
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studierendenWERK counsels on financing studies, studying with children, provides counselling on academic writing, provides psychological counselling, is a contractual partner for the KfW student loan and supports studying with special needs.

We support you in academic writing

How do you actually write a term paper? How can I set a topic myself and what do I do if I lose the thread while writing?
How do I motivate myself to keep writing when I am so unsure whether it is "academic" at all?
These are questions that come up in a similar way when writing for university.

We will work with you on strategies to improve your writing. Writing counselling can help you to develop or improve your writing skills or to get the writing and working process going and organised.

We currently offer different formats for counselling.
You can use our contact form to make an appointment for a telephone or video consultation.
You can also get text feedback from us on a text you have already written.
If you want to work on writing on your own, you can use our learning materials. We also support you if you want to start or join a self-organised writing group.

In our workshops and group offers, you will not only receive writing-related input, but also have the opportunity to exchange personal experiences with others.

Our newsletter keeps you regularly informed about what we have to offer.

Our Team

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Our team of Academic Writing ounsellors will be glad to help you! 

Our current offer

Our current offer 

Feedback on text
Online writing events and motivation tips

How does the writing consultation by phone or video work?

  • You write an email to or use our contact form. In it, you briefly tell us what your concerns are. Please do not forget to include your college/university and the phone number where we can reach you.
  • We will contact you to suggest an appointment.
  • If you confirm an appointment, we will call you at the agreed time or we will send you a link to a Webex conference in time. You can talk with a trained writing consultant about your writing project.The consultation usually lasts a maximum of 45 minutes.
  • If necessary, follow-up appointments can be arranged.
  • No topic is too "small" for a conversation with our writing tutors.

Talking about a specific text excerpt of your term paper or thesis can be very helpful. If you would like feedback on a text excerpt (max. 5 pages), send us the text in the attachment (as a doc file, font size 12 pt, line spacing 1.5, page margin 2 cm) as well as the Text Feedback questionnaire to

In the context of a text feedback you will receive:

  • a sympathetic and honest feedback from a didactic writing point of view,
  • hints on what already works well in your text(excerpt),
  • feedback on what is currently unclear in your reading,
  • our written comments via email,
  • the possibility to make an appointment for discussion (phone or video).

A writing consultation before text feedback can be especially useful if you have not had a consultation with us before.

If you like studying on your own, you can find materials on the different stages of a writing process here.

We also offer writing events in German. Switch to the German site to see the exact dates. Or follow us on Facebook @StW.Bln or Instagram @studierenwerkberlin. There you will regularly find short motivation tips and inputs to help you get into writing, motivate yourself for the day or gain a new perspective on your writing project.

In our event calendar (Filter: Writing - for more look at the german event calendar) you can always find our current workshops on topics such as topic identification, literature management or time management for writing projects.

To get in touch with others while writing and to stay motivated, we regularly offer an online writing time.
In this digital format, you can work on your own writing project together with other students in a productive atmosphere.

We support your self-organized writing group.

Writing in a group is motivating - even online, because studying can be very lonely, especially in times of home offices and online lectures.
Writing in a writing group brings social exchange back into the writing process and helps with structure and practical writing impulses. The good thing is that a writing group can be organized by yourself with little effort. The Writing Center of the TU Dresden has created a starter kit for learning and writing groups.

You are welcome to try out writing in a group at one of our weekly online writing times.
There you are sure to find other students who are interested in a self-organized writing group.

Are you already organized in a writing group that is still looking for members? We'd be happy to pass along your contact to anyone interested.

If you would like to start a writing group and still need tips on organization and procedure, or if you have questions within a group, it is also possible to get a consultation appointment with us via our contact form or at as a group.



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What happens when I tune in?

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