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KfW student loan

studierendenWERK is the contractual partner for the KfW student loan.

New applications for a KfW student loan can be submitted to studierendenWERK BERLIN. The KfW counselling service is located at Hardenbergstraße 34, administration building, ground floor.

Due to the pandemic, our regular consultation hours will be cancelled until further notice. If you contact us via the online form, we will arrange an individual appointment with you from 1 September for new applications. Appointments are always assigned on an hourly basis from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Renewals are processed by e-mail.

Please remember to bring a mouth-nose covering to the appointment! We ask you to arrive as punctual as possible. Please let us know in case of delays. If an appointment cannot be kept, we ask you in the interest of other applicants to cancel by email.

Before applying for the KfW student loan, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from a social counsellor in order to examine alternative financing options and to learn more about the granting and repayment modalities of loans. You can arrange appointments >>here.

New application

Please bring a printed contract offer with you to the conclusion of the contract.
You can find this on the KfW website.

Please also bring:

  • Valid identity card or passport/other official identification document with registration certificate (not older than 6 months), plus a clearly legible copy
    Note: Non-EU citizens need a valid residence permit.
  • Certificate of study; it must be valid on the day the financing starts.
  • Proof of a current account (SEPA), for example by presenting a bank card or bank statement.
  • Proof of performance, if you are already in the 7th semester or higher

Terminvereinbarung zur Neubeantragung / Appointment for new application

Uhrzeit / time*:

Sprache für das Gespräch / language of the conversation*:

Datenschutz / Data privacy *:


A renewal is currently only possible by e-mail. Please send the following documents to

  • Renewal protocol (to be prepared by the borrower via the KfW credit portal)
  • Copy of valid identity document (German identity card or, in case of non-German applicants, passport or EU identity card front and back)
  • Proof of registration address (back of German identity card or current registration certificate)
  • Valid certificate of study with information on the course of study, degree, number of semesters, semester validity

After activation of the extension, every student will receive a short confirmation by e-mail.