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Grant for the start or completion of studies

Students can apply online for a one-time grant.

Since most of the application processors have returned to their departments, we have very few staff available. We therefore ask for your understanding that the processing of applications will take significantly longer than usual.

The "grant for the start and completion of studies" aims to provide financial support for a successful start and completion of studies. It is aimed at students in need and takes into account the special burdens of international students. This is done by means of a financial subsidy for living expenses or additional expenses in these phases of study, e.g. for purchases, deposit payments, travel, living expenses to be bridged, additional expenses for final theses, etc..

The grant cannot be applied for together with federal bridging aid in the same month.

last update 17 September Number of applicationsof which approvedof which rejectedstill in process
Grant for start and completion of studies3.7761.6182.054104
technology fund9.0136.7142.186113
federal aids42.47324.79216.945736

Thousands of applications reach us every month and we process them as quickly as possible. We kindly ask you to refrain from inquiries regarding the processing time. You can see the current processing status of all our relief funds in the table. This is updated once a week.


Grant for the start and completion of studies

Students can receive a one-time financial aid of 1,000 euros wether they begin or they complete their studies.
This is a grant. It therefore does not have to be paid back.

If you have a current immigration certificate, you can submit an application. We will accept applications for as long as the fund last.
The State of Berlin has set aside 2 million euros for the fund.

There is no legal claim.


Eligible for this fund are only students who, at the time of application

  1. are enrolled at a state-recognized university in the State of Berlin
  2. are registered in Berlin or Brandenburg, and
  3. take up / have taken up studies in Berlin (first or second semester) or
  4. aim to complete their studies within the next 12 months.

Guest students or students on leave of absence are not eligible.

Applications are submitted exclusively online via the barrier-free online platform provided for this purpose.

Identity, eligibility to apply, and personal eligibility are verified based on the following documents:

  • Identity card or passport/residence permit in conjunction with confirmation of registration
  • Current certificate of enrollment
  • Letter of application (description of personal situation, motivation for studying, study plans regarding graduation, stay abroad if applicable, Master's degree yes/no, personal reasons for the application)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Information on the study plan (if applying for a grant to start)
  • Information on the course of studies (please use >>this form  only available in GERMAN for now)
  • Information on the intended purpose

Further following proofs:

  • Complete statement of all relevant income and expenses
  • Complete declaration of assets and debts
  • Bank statement for the last 4 weeks for all existing accounts (bank statements must date to at least until the day before application) - without gaps.

At the request of studierendenWERK, further suitable evidence must be submitted, e.g.:

  • For the examination of indigence on the basis of social factors and reasons for burden, corresponding information and, upon request, the upload of the relevant supporting documents are required.

The application also includes declarations by the applicant on:

  • Correctness and completeness of the information and documents
  • Data protection
  • Application

Only applications that have been received in full will be processed. Please check this before submitting your application. Missing documents can only be submitted after you have been directly requested to do so by the processing department.

Further information on what you need to consider before submitting your application can be found at the bottom of this page.


Exclusion criteria for funding are:

  • No enrollment at a state-recognized university in the State of Berlin
  • Financial need does not exist
  • Too high assets
  • Too much debt. Exceptions due to Corona-related circumstances will be considered.
  • Equivalent degree already available
  • Semester off
  • Status as a guest student
  • Payment of the grant for the start or completion of studies of the studierendenWERK BERLIN already received
    (Grant and federal bridging aid cannot be applied for in the same month)
  • Visa/personal document for application expired before 1 January 2020
  • Second degree in Berlin (applies for every first academic degree, even if graduation was completed abroad)
  • Not in 1st or 2nd semester at start
  • Studies de facto already finished, but only enrolled


Yes. In addition to valid enrollment at a Berlin university, the prerequisite for a grant is a verifiable registered address in Berlin or Brandenburg.
Applications for which the registration address in Berlin cannot be proven will be rejected.

It is possible to apply for registration at the local authorities by Mail or in writing. Please check the websites of the Bezirksamt in your district. 

Social need not sufficiently met

By far the most common reason for rejection is that applicants do not meet sufficient social criteria to be considered "socially needy" within the meaning of the guidelines. To qualify for assistance from this fund, social need is assessed.
The account balance alone is not decisive here! Test criteria for social neediness are e.g. children, BAföG receipt, international origin, second education, disability or chronic illness...).

Formal requirements not met

The second most common reason for rejection is the non-fulfillment of formal requirements. We repeat the most important rules here:

  • Students on leave of absence are not eligible.
  • Students must be studying at a state-recognized university in BERLIN (!!!).
  • Students must be in the process of starting (first two semesters) or completing (last 12 months) their studies.
  • Students with an equivalent degree are not eligible.
  • If the student has already graduated (i.e. the study program is de facto already finished), he/she is not eligible for funding.
  • If you have already been enrolled in Berlin, i.e. if this is not your first course of study in Berlin, you are not eligible for funding.
  • The registration address in Berlin or Brandenburg must be proven when submitting the application (!) (this can now be done online).
  • If one has already received other aid in the month of application (e.g. bridging aid), the application will be rejected.
  • If an invalid personal document (expired for more than 6 months) is submitted, the application will be rejected

Incomplete documents

We would like to point out again that the application must be submitted with complete documents.
Documents submitted later by mail will not be accepted.
Please check thoroughly if you have really uploaded all documents before sending the application.

FAQ  (last update: 26 January)

At this point we respond to the most frequently asked questions about the application. Since questions may vary over time, this text will be regularly adapted. This does not change the legal basis for the grant or the procedure  we are merely responding to the uncertainties and questions you have raised. You are also welcome to send us your questions so we can update the FAQ. Just use the online form below.



Technical / organisational questions

In this case, it is possible to alternatively submit the receipt for the transfer of the semester fee together with the old enrollment certificate or the notice of admission to the study programme.

The grant is only awarded to students at state-recognized Berlin universities. 

We strongly recommend: Take your time for the application! Check the application thoroughly before sending it!
In the last step before sending the application, it is possible to check all uploaded documents again and correct them if necessary.
Once the application has been sent, no further documents can be submitted. In exceptional cases, documents will be requested by the processing department.
Subsequent submissions are only possible via the portal, but not by email.

We do not accept any unsolicited documents sent by mail, post or social media.
Emails with unsolicited personal documents will be deleted without reply.

Try the following quick guide:

  • Log in to the portal (see link in the email, simply click on it) with the generated token.
  • Now you can see that the application status has changed and that there is a "need for action".
  • Now it is important that you click on the upper orange button "edit application".
  • Documents/declarations that need to be corrected will now be displayed and you will find corresponding text notes.
  • Here you can look at the document you uploaded again, delete it and upload the correct document.
  • Important: Documents that you delete can no longer be viewed by the application processors.
    (For example, if you want to upload bank statements for another account, do not delete the other bank statements that you have already uploaded in full).
  • Make sure that all relevant documents are available as soon as you finally submit the application (via "finalise changes").

If the university is currently unable to complete the form, a corresponding mail from the university can also be uploaded, confirming the information on the form (open courses, missing credit points, confirmation that degree can be achieved within the next 12 months). In case of doubt, the certificate of achievement can also be uploaded, e.g. also in connection with the registration for the final thesis or similar.

Important note: It must be evident from the uploaded documents (by official documents of the university, either by form, mail or ECTS certificate/achievement record) that a degree can be achieved within the next 12 months.

Some examination offices will not start operating until 11 January 2021. In this case, the application can also be submitted later.
Since there is no deadline for the one-time grant, this minor delay is not a problem from our point of view: The State of Berlin has made 2 million euros available  the application is possible until the funds are exhausted.

Basically, you always have to check if the mail address is spelled correctly (small typos happen more often than you think :-).
It is also worthwhile to check the spam folder, where the mails sometimes end up.

Still: Some mail providers have such a high security standard that the mail is blocked before it reaches the spam or junk folder of the mailbox.
Unfortunately, we at studierendenWERK cannot do anything about this - we can only advise you: Use another mail address. It is absolutely allowed to use a private address, there is NO obligation to use the university mail.

If you want to log in again, you enter your mail address and university on the start page of the form, as you did when you applied. A token will be sent to you, which you can use to log in.
If the status is "In process", the application has either not yet been processed or not yet finished.

... so I can not pull account statements until the day before the application. What can I do?

In the vast majority of cases, you can have the account transactions shown separately via online banking.
As long as these are traceable, i.e. legible (!!!!) and without gaps, we recognize this as an additional option.

Please make sure that the account data, current balance and account holder can be seen here as well.

If you do not have online banking, you must wait until the end of the month to apply.

Issues of content

The start of studies is defined as the beginning of studies in Berlin (first or second semester in the first degree programme) in the summer semester 2020 or in the winter semester 20/21.

We define the end of the programme as the successful completion of studies within the following 12 months.You need to proof this with official documents from your university (ECTS overview).

This is due to the special funding purpose of this programme. The aim is to support the particularly sensitive phases of study, namely the start and completion of studies. At the start and end of studies, the burdens on indigent students are particularly great, e.g. because one has more expenses at the start of studies (moving, obtaining equipment, deposit, etc.) or because one does not want to fall behind with the final thesis at the end of studies by having to work too many hours in a part-time job.


Unlike previous programmes, the account balance is not the sole determining factor in assessing need.
Although the mix of income and expenses certainly plays a role, we also take a close look at the student's individual situation. Factors such as the family's social background (e.g. whether they rely on benefits) play just as much a role as whether one is an orphan, has to care for relatives or has children, receives BAföG and/or relies on a part-time student job.
All these factors must be substantiated upon request, e.g. by a sworn statement from the parents.


This decision is the responsibility of your Jobcenter. We cannot make any statements about this.

Simultaneous application for assistance from the technology fund of the studierendenWERK is possible.
Simultaneous funding with the bridging aid of the federal government in the same month is excluded according to the guidelines of the BMBF.



Only if you are newly enrolled in Berlin.
Those who completed their Bachelor's degree in Berlin and are now simply continuing their studies cannot apply for the grant.

The purpose of the grant is to help you successfully start or graduate from college. The grant is not intended to pay off debt.

Please notice: student debts, for example from student loans or BAföG, are not included.

Overview of all supporting funds

Overview Funds


Federal aids

Technology fund (Fund for Participation in the Online Campus)

Grant for the start or completion of studies

Contribution comes from

Federal Government

State of Berlin

State of Berlin

Who can receive support?

Students from state-recognized universities in Berlin

Students and lecturers from state-recognized universities in Berlin

Students from state-recognized universities in Berlin

How much?

100 – 500 euro

200, 400 or 500 euro

1,000 euro

What is the main review criterion?

Pandemic-related hardship, account balance

Account balance

Proof of social need on the basis of various social criteria

What are the main* exclusion criteria?

Account balance over 500 euros, hardship not pandemic-related

Registration address not in Berlin/Brandenburg, account balance over 1,000 euros

Registration address not in Berlin/Brandenburg, stage of studies not beginning or completion, an equivalent degree has already been obtained.

Is it possible to apply for several funds at the same time?

Together with technology fund: Yes. All others: No.

With all Funds: Yes.

Together (in the same month) with federal aids: No. All others: Yes.

How often can I apply?





 * This overview only provides a brief summary of the most important rules. For example, there are further exclusion criteria.
Please read the information on each fund carefully.

Information on the bridging aid can be found >> here
Information on  theOnline Campus Participation Fund can be found >>here