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Online Campus Participation Fund

Students and lecturers can apply for a grant for technical equipment.

Since most of the application processors have returned to their departments, we have very few staff available. We therefore ask for your understanding that the processing of applications will take significantly longer in September.

The Covid19 pandemic has led to a sustained shift in teaching and learning towards digital methods. This leads to new challenges for both students and teaching staff. However, studies must not fail due to a lack of equipment. The "Fonds zur Teilhabe am Online-Campus Berlin" (Fund for Participation in the Online Campus Berlin) aims to provide students and lecturers with IT technology and work equipment so that they can participate effectively and efficiently in the digital semester. The State of Berlin has filled the fund with 3 million euros.

Only students enrolled in the summer semester 2021 can submit the application! Certificates of enrollment for the coming semester will not be accepted!

Thousands of applications reach us every month and we process them as quickly as possible. We kindly ask you to refrain from inquiries regarding the processing time. You can see the current processing status of all our relief funds in the table. This is updated once a week.

last update 17 SeptemberNumber of applicationsof which approvedof which rejectedstill in process
Grant for start an end of studies3.7761.6182.054104
technology fund9.0136.7142.186113
federal aids42.47324.79216.945736

Information (last update on 31 January 2021)

Eligible to apply are students and lecturers who are enrolled in summer semester 2021 or teaching at a state-recognized university in the State of Berlin and whose personal and social situation requires special support. Financial need is assessed on the basis of current bank statements. The assessment takes into account special individual circumstances of the applicant.

The application is made exclusively via the online portal linked on this page.
Applications or documents submitted by other means will not be processed.

For a complete online application, the following information must be disclosed or documents uploaded to the portal:

  • Identity card or passport/residence permit
  • Current certificate of enrollment or contract with the university for the position of lecturer in the current semester
  • Explanation of the need for equipment to participate in the Online Campus Berlin
  • Current account statements for the assessment of financial need 
  • An account statement for the past three months (This is used to assess the financial situation of the applicant. Please submit legible documents. If the statement does not show who the account holder is or if the statement is incomplete, the application will be rejected.)

In addition, the applicant must consent to

  • a data protection declaration on the consent to data processing within the scope of the procedure

In order to check the social indigence on the basis of individual life circumstances, it may be necessary to upload additional documents as well as information on the planned purpose of use.



If you have a current immigration certificate, you can submit an application. Applications will be accepted and decided upon until 30 september.
There is no legal claim.

Depending on the needs formulated in each case (meaning the need for technical equipment, which must be justified in writing in the application), 200 euros , 400 euros or 500 euros can be granted. It is a grant and therefor must not be paid back.

Thousands of applications have reached us. Our team is processing these, as well as the applications for bridging assistance and the applications for the start/finish of studies grant. For this purpose, we have taken on additional specialists from other departments of the studierendenWERK, who are working at full speed to process all applications. Nevertheless, we ask for your patience - we cannot make any reliable statement about how long it will take at the moment.

As soon as the status of your application has changed from "In Processing" to either approved, rejected or "Inquiry", you will be informed by mail. You will then need to log into the system to check whether you need to submit any additional documents.

You can apply for funds from the technology fund if you need equipment to participate in the online campus such as hardware, such as laptops, PC cameras, etc., as well as software, fees for Internet, to expand bandwidth.

If technology has already been purchased in the past (e.g. a laptop), the technology fund can be used for other missing equipment (printers, data volume, ...). If a laptop was purchased on installments in the past months (as of 1.10.2020) or other debts were taken on for this purpose, an application for support from the technology fund can also be submitted for this purchase. Appropriate proof is then required.

Link to the online portal

FAQ (last update on 26 January)

Here we respond to the most frequently asked questions about the application. Since questions may vary over time, this text will also be adapted regularly. This does not change the legal basis for the grant or the procedure  we are simply responding to the uncertainties and questions that arise. You are also welcome to send us your questions, and we will adapt the FAQ accordingly. Simply use the online form below.

A prerequisite for the transfer upon approval is that it is an account of a Sepa participating country.

We would also like to point out that we can only correctly check applications for which proof of an own account has been provided. Therefore, please always upload the data for your own accounts - and please always remember: Paypal and credit card accounts as well as savings accounts must also be proven. If the account has just been opened, please upload available account statements from the day of opening.  

Since the grant for participation in online studies is earmarked for a specific purpose, a parallel application, e.g. for the BMBF bridging aid or the grant for starting/finishing your studies, is possible.

Yes, anyone who has more than 1,000 euros in their account (students/teachers with children can have an additional 300 euros per child in their account) is not considered needy for the purposes of this fund.

Exceptions are minor overruns of a few euros. Individual circumstances are also taken into account, but must be justified and documented.

At the end of the online application, it is possible to review all documents and details again and, if necessary, to change, amend, delete and refill them. We therefore strongly recommend that the application is thoroughly checked once again before it is sent. Once the document has been submitted for review, it cannot be amended. Then you have to wait for the studierendenWERK to send an inquiry or request for subsequent submission. This is done only in exceptional cases.

Update 07.01.2021:

Because we have already received numerous unsolicited files by e-mail, we would like to expressly point out once again that corrections to the application are only possible via the online system and only upon request by the person responsible. We do not accept files that are sent to us by post, by e-mail or via social media chat without being requested.

The processing of applications will begin as planned on 11. January 2021.

This means complete and unredacted account statements of the previous months and it must include all accounts with funds that can be used in the short term  even Paypal accounts. Example: If you submit an application on 6 January 2021, account statement from 4 December 2020 until at least 4 January 2021 must be provided.

Since the grant is earmarked for participation in online studies, we assume that no credit will be given.

.. so I can not pull account statements up to the previous day. What can I do ...

In the vast majority of cases, you can have the account transactions shown separately via online banking.
As long as these are traceable, i.e. legible (!!!!) and without gaps, we recognize this as an additional option.

Please make sure that the account data, current balance and account holder can be seen here as well.

If you do not have online banking, you must wait until the end of the month to apply.

We receive this message sporadically and unfortunately cannot offer individual technical advice at this point.
However, we will give some general hints for possible causes in the following.

The online application portal only accepts certain file formats, these include jpg/jpeg, png and PDF.
If the files are in a different format, first convert them to the accepted formats using appropriate software e.g.

  • Files must not be too small (don't worry: photos from smartphones are always output in a sufficiently high resolution)
  • File formats must not be manipulated via renaming. File format changes that are supposedly made by renaming the file format (means: a file example.gif is made by renaming into a file named example.png) are not real conversions and are not recognized by the system.
  • The browser is not up to date. Please make sure to always use the latest version of the Internet browsers Chrome, Firefox or Opera - or the current default browsers of mobile devices. If you use Edge as your browser, it is imperative that you update to Edge Chromium version 83.x. or higher. Versions of Internet Explorer are not supported.

Basically, you always have to check if the mail address is spelled correctly (small typos happen more often than you think :-).

It is also worthwhile to look in the spam folder, where the mails sometimes end up.

Some mail providers have such a high security standard that the mail is blocked before it even reaches the spam or junk folder of the mailbox. Unfortunately, we at studierendenWERK cannot do anything about this - we can only advise you: Use another mail address. It is absolutely allowed to use a private address, there is NO obligation to use the university mail.


You can log in at any time using the allready known  method: Simply go to, enter your email address (the one you used to submit the application!) and your university, have the token sent to you - log in.

Here you can see the status of your application. If the status is "In process", no decision has been made yet. As soon as the application has been decided, the system sends a mail that the status has changed. After logging in, you can then see whether an approval or rejection has been made. In exceptional cases, we will request to resubmit forgotten or incomplete documents. The system then opens the upload and applicants are given a specified deadline for uploading documents again.

Documents can only be submitted later if the processing department requests them accordingly. We do not accept any unsolicited documents sent by mail, post or social media.
Emails with those documents will be deleted.

Try the following quick guide:

  • Log in to the portal (see link in the email, simply click on it) with the generated token.
  • Now you can see that the application status has changed and that there is a "need for action".
  • Now it is important that you click on the upper orange button "edit application".
  • Documents/declarations that need to be corrected will now be displayed and you will find corresponding text notes.
  • Here you can look at the document you uploaded again, delete it and upload the correct document.
  • Important: Documents that you delete can no longer be viewed by the application processors.
    (For example, if you want to upload bank statements for another account, do not delete the other bank statements that you have already uploaded in full).
  • Make sure that all relevant documents are available as soon as you finally submit the application (via "finalise changes").


The most common reasons for rejection

Numerous applications have also been received in the second round. We are processing everything at full speed!

We therefore ask you to check your documents thoroughly for completeness before you send your application!
Every delay not only costs us time, but also you and your fellow students.

Submission of documents is only possible after a corresponding request.
Please be thorough here as well. We will only ask once.

We also ask for your understanding that we cannot give detailed reasons for every rejection.
In the following, we give an overview of the most common reasons for rejection:

  • There is no name or IBAN on the account statement, so the account cannot be clearly assigned. 
    (Screenshots are not accepted. You can use online banking to generate complete transaction statements with balance, IBAN and name of the account holder as a PDF and upload them to the portal).
    Reason for rejection: Incomplete/ illegible documents

  • Account statement is not readable.
    Reason for refusal: Incomplete/ illegible documents
  • Account statement is incomplete.
    (Account statements must be chronological and without gaps and contain the complete previous month, which must end no earlier than 2 days before the application.
    Example: If you submit an application on 06.01.2021, the account statement from 04.12.2020 must be available until at least 04.01.2021).
    Reason for refusal: Incomplete/ illegible documents

  • Account statement shows transfers to or from a secondary account, but corresponding documents of the secondary account are not submitted.
    (This refers to all accounts with funds that can be used at short notice - including savings accounts, crypto investments or Paypal accounts).
    Reason for refusal: Incomplete/ illegible documents.
  • Documents not submitted after request.
    Reason for refusal: Incomplete/ illegible documents.
  • Documents not submitted after request within the set deadline.
    Reason for rejection: Incomplete/ illegible documents.


Overview Funds


Federal aids

Technology fund (Fund for Participation in the Online Campus)

Grant for the start or completion of studies

Contribution comes from

Federal Government

State of Berlin

State of Berlin

Who can receive support?

Students from state-recognized universities in Berlin

Students and lecturers from state-recognized universities in Berlin

Students from state-recognized universities in Berlin

How much?

100 – 500 euro

200, 400 or 500 euro

1,000 euro

What is the main review criterion?

Pandemic-related hardship, account balance

Account balance

Proof of social need on the basis of various social criteria

What are the main* exclusion criteria?

Account balance over 500 euros, hardship not pandemic-related

Registration address not in Berlin/Brandenburg, account balance over 1,000 euros

Registration address not in Berlin/Brandenburg, stage of studies not beginning or completion, an equivalent degree has already been obtained.

Is it possible to apply for several funds at the same time?

Together with technology fund: Yes. All others: No.

With all Funds: Yes.

Together (in the same month) with federal aids: No. All others: Yes.

How often can I apply?




 * This overview only provides a brief summary of the most important rules. For example, there are further exclusion criteria.
Please read the information on each fund carefully.

Information on the bridging grants can be found >> here
Information on the grant for the start of studies / graduation can be found >>here