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Grafik: DSW

Federal aid for students

The application period has been extended until 30 September!

On 20 August, the BMBF announced the extension of the financial aid for students. We will therefore be accepting applications at www.überbrü until 30 September 2020. Applicants in September whose applications were rejected before due to missing or invalid documents have the chance to submit these documents in September.

Should you have already applied in August, please check all documents submitted again thoroughly:

  • Are your bank account statements complete and without a gap? (legible, nothing blacked out, showing all transactions up until the day before the application)
  • Did you prove a pandemic-related hardship? (e.g. letter of notice from employer, bank statements showing an income before the pandemic --> in this case, it is advisable to also submit a bank statement from February)


You can currently add the following documents in the upload portal:

  • account statements,
  • letter by the employer, declaration about the loss of financial support by the parent(s),
  • self-declaration about the loss of self-employed work,
  • self-declaration about the study success

Students who have made an error, for example by uploading the wrong certificate of enrolment or no registration certificate, cannot correct this in the subsequent application  nothing can currently be changed in the master data. This is a technical problem that the software has not yet been able to solve.

If eligibility for July can subsequently be proven in the August application (by uploading previously missing documents on the platform, not via email), July may be re-approved.

Frequent errors that have lead to a rejection

  • Bank statement does not end with the day before the application, but earlier, e.g. beginning of the month. Reason for rejection: Incomplete / illegible documents
  • Account statement shows relevant transfers to or from a secondary account, but corresponding documents from the secondary account (also: Paypal) are not submitted. Reason for rejection: Incomplete / illegible documents
  • Self-declaration indicates that parents can no longer provide support, but bank statements continue to show that parents have made payments. Reason for rejection: Pandemic-related emergency not proven.
  • Self-declaration speaks of job loss / non-renewal of a job, the documents do not go far enough to show corresponding wages before the pandemic (at least February). A letter of termination is not included. Reason for rejection: Pandemic-related emergency not proven. In this case, it can be helpful, for example, to specify the amount of money received by the parents and the form of payment (e.g. cash)
  • No name or IBAN can be seen on the account statement, so the account cannot be clearly assigned. Reason for rejection: Incomplete / illegible documents

Information for students with children

If you have one or more children and your account receives payments that are not for you personally but for your child(ren) (e.g. child benefit, child bonus, maintenance payments for the child(ren) or a maintenance advance from the Jugendamt): When you indicate the amount of the account balance, these child-related benefits can be deducted for the current month. Because in the context of the financial aid it depends only on your personal account balance. This will of course be checked by the person in charge.

Notes on submitting an application

Please pay close attention:

  • Completeness and legibility of the application and the documents and also to ensure that they are correct (we cannot and may not change applications independently afterwards).
  • Please provide evidence of the pandemic emergency situation as detailed and comprehensible as possible: Loss of job / no parental support (e.g. due to short-time work) / job cannot be performed etc. The cause of the emergency must be clear due to the pandemic, only such applications may be accepted. The employees in charge only have the bank statements and the self-declaration to be able to understand the situation. The circumstances of life should be comprehensible - e.g. own apartment, shared apartment or living with the parents. Please really explain everything.
  • In case of doubt, explain the circumstances in the self-declaration.
  • If the notice of termination does not show that it was given in relation to the pandemic, please explain this in the self-declaration.
  • Submit your certificate of study, NOT your student ID.
  • The registration address (on the identity card) and the address given on the application and the bank statements must match.
  • Please do not blacken anything, submit ALL bank statements (for the entire required period up to the date of application; for all accounts available at short notice). If payments from and to PayPal, credit card or savings accounts are visible, these must also be proven without being asked.
  • The last income received before the pandemic must be visible.
  • Bank statements or sales statements must show the name of the account holder = applicant and the balance. Screenshots of a bank app are not enough.
  • For foreign students: Please upload your passport and official registration certificate. The residence permit alone is not enough.

If your account balance is over 500 euro at the time of application, you are not eligible for federal aids. Any application will be rejected. 

The application can only be made individually for the months of June, July, August and September 2020. Only if the pandemic-related emergency persists, a new application can be submitted for another month. The order in which the applications are processed generally depends on the time at which the complete documents are received. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

The application can only be made online. Please use the current version of the internet browser Chrome, Firefox or Opera – or the latest standard browser of mobile devices. If you use Edge as a browser, please upgrade to Edge Chromium from version 83.x. The online application is not supported by Internet Explorer.


Here are the FAQ by DSW regarding the federal aid and the top ten most frequently asked questions.

Here is some technical advice on submitting your application.



A note from studierendenWERK BERLIN ...

You can no longer apply for support from studierendenWERK's own emergency fund. Further applications will be possible again from October.

Students of FU Berlin can still apply for support from the SoliFUnd at any time: (However, it is not possible to apply for the federal aid at the same time.)

Overview of funds

Swipe to the left when using a mobile device.

stW emergency fundSoliFUndsFederal aid from BMBF
Who can apply?Students of partner universities of studierendenWERK BERLINStudents of Freie Universität BerlinStudents of all state-recognized universities
How much money can I receive?500 euro500 euro100 – 500 euro per approved application
Where does the money come from?studierendenWERK BERLINDonations from FU staff and friends of FUFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
What's the maximum account balance to be eligible?500 euro + 300 euro for each child500 euro + 300 euro for each childStaggered rates up to 500 euro maximum
How do I apply?Online form www.stw.berlinOnline form www.stw.berlinOnline form
When can I apply?Until 20 June 2020Until the funds are exhaustedFrom 16 June (Processing from 25 June)
I have received support from the technology fund, am I still eligible?YesYesYes
I have received a payment from the first round of the stW emergency fund, am I still eligible?NoYesYes
I have received a payment from the second round of the stW emergency fund, am I still eligible?NoNoYes, if payout has been made in May or June
Can I submit several applications in succession?NoNoYes, one per calender month
Can I receive aid from one of the other funds at the same time?NoNoNo