FAQ Psychological Counselling

No – when you first call (or send an email), you will initially reach the administrative office, where you will speak with someone who can make an appointment for you to see a counsellor.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your first appointment.

You will usually receive a registration form then.

A counsellor will meet you in the waiting area.

This is the person who you will speak with about your concerns and the further course of action.

A counselling appointment usually lasts around 50 minutes. 

Please cancel at least 24 hours prior to your first appointment, or earlier if you can. If you do not let us know you cannot come, then we cannot make time available for other students. This increases waiting times for everyone.

The counselling is free of charge. PBS works on the solidarity principle and is financed by students' tuition fees.

All consultants have been trained in medically recognised psychotherapeutic treatment. Like doctors, they are bound by their professional code of conduct to maintain confidentiality. 

Maybe you are not sure whether your concern is "important enough" for counselling. Please feel free to contact us, because this is exactly what an initial counselling session can be about.

People often tend to "make things up" with themselves and to trivialise them. Counselling is particularly useful at the beginning to prevent an increase in symptoms (prevention is everything).

You can come to us with problems related to your studies and with personal conflict situations.

You can find examples here.